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Clear and concise messaging turns your ideal prospects into repeat clients

Your website is your company’s virtual PR rep, at their desk 24/7, explaining how you build and deliver solutions. Or, well, it’s supposed to be.

Does your current site:

  • help your prospects move from problem awareness to preparation for action?
  • offer social proof that excites your prospects?
  • include calls to action to act today?

What if your virtual PR gal could more effectively pre-sell one, two, or even five new prospects a month?  

Let’s make sure your site understands your ideal prospects.

So … what’s the best way to tell your company’s story? Do your offers include a single device, a family of services, or a double-LP’s worth of products and services?

Below you’ll find two types of offers: packages and day rates.

For word that mean business: Web copy packages

Each of our packages includes our deep-dive discovery phase, along with three stages of deliverables, including:

  • Core copy + 1: while many copywriters drive straight through from discovery call to first draft, we take this extra step to ensure we align your vision with our deliverables. After a rigorous discovery phase, we review together the prospective mission and vision statements, taglines, and About copy draft.
  • Full draft: Once we’re in step like Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse, I assemble a full draft of all pages, share it with you, and we get on a call. Together we sharpen our characterization of the pain points of your target market, and ensure that we rightly preempt their objections in the story of your solution.
  • Final copy: At this point, we’re 90% done. I simply like to spend another couple of days with the way we’ve told your story. I pay special attention here to the ways we’ve positioned your company, and I fine tune the cadence of every sentence.

The Extended Play: $4,760 

You and your team are ready to grow your fan base for your signature service or device. You’re effectively doing one thing, and doing it brilliantly, so let’s keep things simple and lean. Together we’ll put together toe-tapping copy that grabs hold of your prospects’ attention and keeps them bouncing along the buyer’s journey.

  • Final deliverables: Core copy + Home + About + 3 more pages.

To get things moving, click here.

The Proof-of-concept Album: $$ vary with scope

You and your team have already done a few tours around the dance floor. You have a growing list of offers for your clients, and you’re ready for your story to take hold like a good ear worm in the minds of your prospects.

Your story, then, needs to be told on your website and your social sites, too—especially LinkedIn, if you’re selling B2B. This package includes a more rigorous discovery process, just the right number of web pages and, as you see fit, brand-tailored social media profiles for key team members and SEO-rich blog posts to boost your search engine results.

  • Final deliverables: Core copy + Home + About + 3 or more pages + Social profiles + SEO-rich blog posts

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Day Rates ($550 and up) 

Perhaps you, like old Theodor Geisel, wonder: “How did it get so late so soon?”

Your website, design wise, looks great. With a bit of patience, clients and customers can find what that they want. At a modest rate, they heed your calls to sign-up for your newsletter or book a session. Some months, though, that modest rate is too all too modest, and you know the likely culprit driving your bounce rate: your web copy. And, because the bounce rate’s too high, you have neither the time nor the budget for a full makeover. Ouch.

We understand, and we can help. Our day-rate option allows us to understand and address the most pressing problems of your web copy. And here’s the process: you submit a quick survey, we have a call, and we schedule your designated day. That morning, we check in, then I get to work without interruption: I turn off my phone and close my Gmail tab. (You will, of course, want me to stay properly caffeinated, so I do visit the kitchen, as needed.) A few hours later, we’re on the phone again, and we walk through the day’s bounty together.

From start to finish: we’re talking ten days tops.

To learn more about my day rate option, click here.

Thanks for your interest in my wordsmithing powers. To learn more about me and my commitment to assembling winning stories, click here.

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